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About The New Jersey Academy of Mediators & Arbitrators
The New Jersey Academy is the local chapter of the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals, a professional association whose membership consists of attorneys distinguished by their hands-on experience in the field of civil & commercial conflict resolution and by their commitment to the practice of alternative dispute resolution. 

With over 900 members throughout the United States, the NADN is the largest public roster of experienced ADR attorneys on the internet. Membership is by invitation only and limited to neutrals who have proven experience in the resolution of commercial & civil disputes. All members have been recognized for their accomplishments through a peer-nomination and client review process.

For more about NADN, please watch our "Introduction to NADN" YouTube video below...

About This NJ Chapter Website
There is clear demand from litigators, corporate counsel, adjusters and parties to know more specific information about a given neutral: their actual practice experience, qualifications, language skills, practice areas in which they have previously mediated or arbitrated. allows the visitor to find the state's most experienced ADR professionals quickly and easily. There is also the common difficulty of settling upon a mutually agreed date for a mediation or arbitration. This website also then serves as a scheduling aid to attorneys, firms and support staff. 

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Membership in the New Jersey Academy is by invitation only. Membership is limited to established civil-trial mediators and arbitrators , all of whom are confirmed to have met strict nomination and experience requirements.

Formal Criteria:

design element 2 Academy members are required to sponsor/second an attorney for consideration. 
design element Only attorneys in good standing with the New Jersey State Bar are considered eligible *
design element All Members are professional neutrals in civil/commercial mediation or arbitration practice for a minimum of 5 years, with a minimum of 33% of their professional efforts dedicated to civil/commercial ADR practice. All members must receive remuneration for ADR practice at least 90 days annually.
design element Members identified as MEDIATORS must have privately mediated a minimum of 200 civil disputes, excluding pro bono and family law cases.
design element Members identified as ARBITRATORS must have arbitrated to final award a minimum of 20 civil cases. Exceptions may be made in the case of former judges, where time on the bench/published decisions can be considered towards total.
design element 8 attorney client references required on application (attorneys for whom neutral has mediated/arbitrated  civil-trial disputes in the preceding 60 days. Each will be contacted and questioned as to nominee's approach, effectiveness, professionalism and reputation.

All nominees must provide attorney references (as described above) before being considered for the 
NJ Academy. Although the Executive Committee may be consulted, the final decision to approve/decline membership rests with NADN's Executive Director. 

Waivers on the Bar Membership requirement MAY be made in rare circumstances where a neutral is widely respected by peers and trusted by litigation attorneys as a mediator/arbitrator. 

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New Jersey Executive Committee (2016-2018)
The Committee is an appointed board of fulltime ADR professionals who have been instrumental in helping to identify, and nominate, neutrals of repute across New Jersey. They have also given advice as to suitable membership criteria, and suggestions/improvements that have led to the current version of this, the Academy's website. We're grateful to the following distinguished Committee Members who will serve a 2 year term through to 2018:

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National Academy Member Dues : $70 per month
(Preferred method of payment is monthly charge to members' credit card, else annual card payment of $840)


In June 2013, NADN was confirmed as a partner to both the national defense bar ( and the plaintiffs bar ( All NADN member profiles are now promoted to the more than 40,000 members of these legal associations. 

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 View Complete New Jersey Roster  ::  Legal Notice  ::  The NJ Chapter of the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals (

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